The Worlds Most Rare and Prestigious Water infused with Diamond Vapor

A Diamond Burns in Liquid Oxygen as a WHITE HOT SPHERE OF LIGHT and appears as a Star in the Morning Sky against the background of transparent blue super-cold liquid oxygen. True FIRE IN ICE – a burning diamond transforms into carbon dioxide, the bubbles in carbonated drinks such as sparkling water, champagne, and soft drinks.

For The First Time in History, rare Transformed Diamond Carbon is dissolved into pure oxygenated distilled water resulting in the most unique water on earth – Diamond Water – patented and truly infused with Diamond Carbon. Diamond is simply the element, carbon. Literally billions of years old, diamonds are unique as the most enduring natural substance in our experience. Since “Diamonds are Forever” their carbon has not been released or changed in form for billions of years – until now!

This Solution of Diamond – water infused with diamond – allows the prestige, beauty, status, fame, usefulness, brilliance and love symbolized by diamond itself to be multiplied by diffusion into an immense ocean of good will. Any amount of diamond transformed into education provides a new perspective – “Education is Forever.” This is a brilliant solution to the Diamond-Water Paradox. The preciousness of diamond dissolved in the essential nature of water – reinventing both for the lasting benefit of all. Diamond water is new and it is real.

Until now Diamond Water has been made in small amounts in individual presentations at events. Every occasion that diamond water has been made has been logged and witnessed. The potential for expansion of the usefulness of diamond in this new way is obviously unlimited. In this way diamond integrated with an infinitely expandable product containing diamond in some amount has the potential to make a big splash!

If this vision is as exciting to you as it is to us, please help us by spreading the word and adding energy in any way you can. If you want to experience Diamond Water in your life, contact us for an event or even just to buy a bottle. Diamond Water is NSF-COMPLIANT. We are also interested in expanding into a commercial enterprise with like minded partners.